IT Services

Our Specializations

Technation is your go-to destination for a wide range of technology issues, including network security assessment, server management, restoration, software, and hardware support. Take a look at the services we provide.


Remote Monitoring

Let us help you minimize catastrophic data loss with our security monitoring and patch management of all devices on your network. Most breaches that steal or compromise your data come from security holes in software.

Backup and Restoration

We understand the crucial need to back up your data regularly. Ransomware and server crashes always come at the worst possible times. We prepare you with the best backup solution to protect and restore any of your data.

Email Hosting

Can you afford to be without your email for even a single day? Let us securely host your email on our off-site servers that have a 99% uptime.

Server Management

We will manage all of your server needs, from software updates to patching and security.

Third-Party Software Support

Are you or your staff spending too much valuable time working with your software vendor to fix your office program? Let us monitor your office third-party support issues so you can spend your time on business management and growth.

Cutting Your Costs

We will examine all of your office expenses, from phone bills to internet costs, and work with vendors to lower your monthly rates.

Slow Computers

Spending too much time waiting on your computer to complete simple tasks will cost your business money and time. We can increase the speed of your computers, to improve office productivity and efficiency.

Hardware Purchases

We help with all your hardware technology needs and purchases. We have the vendor relationships to deliver your hardware at the best discounts.


We offer our customer's technology education lunch and learns onsite or via remote video sessions. Help your staff gain knowledge on how to avoid cybersecurity breaches and other valuable IT information.